Sunday, December 1, 2019

Unlicensed and Freelance Operators continue to offer Moving and Packing Services in Dubai

It is amazing, that when you do the slightest traffic violation, when your payment towards your VAT Filing is delayed for a day, when your employee’s Emirates ID Renewal crosses one day after the granted grace period, you get Fine and Notifications through SMS, but when hundreds of 1 Ton and 3 Ton Trucks are plying the Roads of Dubai with Vehicle Graphics just stating “ Movers & Packers” without mentioning the Company’s name, offering illegal Moving, Packing and Shifting Services , of Home and Office, there appears to be No Authorities to stop them as if there where, their numbers will not keep increasing, News Reports will appear about the Crack down on their Operations, Arrests, Confiscation of their Vehicles which are in most of the cases are licensed to offer just Transportation Service on “ FOR HIRE” basis. If this menace is not stopped, it will not only damage the Service Providers who legally offer the Removals and Relocation Services, through a Licensed Business, Premises, Vehicles, paying all the Government Charges and VAT , but also the Image of Dubai and the Safety and Security of the general public. To establish the above point, let me share with you the following:

 1. Business Card collected from an Illegal Mover which states only a Name, Contact Number and Services being offered:

2. Photos of the Trucks offering Illegal Removal and Relocation Services

3. Paper Flyer which just mention a Contact Telephone Number and the Services offered which include Dismantling  & Fixing of All Furniture & House Items  ( These Flyers are posted on the Walls of numerous buildings , on the Lamp Posts and Dropped at the Door of the Flats and Villas around Dubai

Let us hope that Authorities will act and help and support all the Service Providers offering Relocations and Removals Services in Dubai , legally, paying all the Licensing, Fees, VAT and all other charges which is beneficial to the Country and its Residents.

Written by: C.C. Niyaz Ali, Managing Director of DULOG Removals – Division of DULOG LLC, Dubai, UAE 


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